Celebrations for Child Namings, Blessings & Parent Dedications

“Every night a child is born is a holy night….”

– Sophia Lyon Fahs, Unitarian Educator

Our Lay Chaplains perform Child Naming, Child Blessing, and Parent Dedication ceremonies for parents who want to welcome their child into the world with a ceremony but who do not want a traditional religious ceremony such as a formal baptism.

This powerful ceremony honours the child’s name and his or her distinct identity, and the parents (and family) pledge themselves to provide a good environment for their child.

Although this ceremony is usually done at an early age it can happen at any time the parents (or child) feel it appropriate.

For information about the cost, please refer to our fees page. As with the creation of all our services, first we will meet with you to understand your desires then with your input, craft a ceremony that reflects your wishes. It can be performed at the location of your choice. Typically we will correspond by email after our first meeting; then meet to finalize the arrangements once the service text has been formalized. Please contact us for more information.