Honouring marriage vows with a “Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony” is a beautiful way to recommit to your partnership. There are many reasons couples choose to do this. It may be designed as an occasion to honour a significant anniversary, or perhaps to bring family and friends together as you publicly express your sentiments of love and commitment to each other. Because it is a civil service with no legal requirements, there is absolute flexibility in choosing the elements of your ceremony.

While you may choose to model it on a traditional wedding ceremony, each couple should feel free to personalize their ceremony with whatever has meaning for them: rituals of significance, the participation of friends and relatives, and ceremonial elements from other traditions. You may consider recalling words from your original wedding ceremony, or start afresh with new text and/or a brand new ritual. Please see our section on "Weddings: Process: Steps to Creating Your Service” for more information on our process for working together, and our fee.